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ABeCeDarian Company Review -TOS CREW #hsreview

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I have always loved to read.  I think it comes naturally to me.  My children like to read but would rather I read to them than have to read the book themselves.  While this is probably natural for children I was excited for them when we received a package from ABeCeDarian Company to review.  In our package we received their level A-1 teacher and student workbooks, A-2 teacher and student workbooks, B-1 teacher and student workbooks, a set of 10 storybooks for children to read aloud(these correspond with the level A workbooks), and a collection of 11 Aesop fables.  The Aesop fables are geared to go with the B level workbook and only include the sounds/words that the children can already sound out/read.

photo of our review materials
This is the great packet we received to review.
We primarily used the level B-1 with the set of 10 storybooks and the Aesop's Fables.  The entire program is geared towards a Kindergarten through early 2nd grade readers.  I used it primarily with my first grader who thought she couldn't read because she still had to sound out the words.  After finishing the program I have to say(with lots of excitement) that she now tells people that she CAN read!  Yeah!  She still has to sound things out at times, but she is much more confident of herself and no longer gives up as easily over words that she does not know!

Level B-1 includes a teacher's book which can be purchased for $25.50 as well as the student book which is available for purchase for $10.25.  If you order over a certain number(50) the price drops on the student books to $1.50 per book.  This would be a great deal if you planned to use it in a school setting or with a homeschool group/coop.

In some situations, you can get by without buying the teachers books to go with the student books.  I feel that you do need the teacher book for this program  It would just not work the same way if you only had the student book.   There is so much extra in the Teacher book to help you as well as your student that I think it is definitely worth the cost.

The set of ten storybooks costs $21.50.  They are sold as being part of the Level A program, but you also will be using them in the B level.  If your child tests at a point that they should start at the B level like my daughter did then you should still purchase the storybooks as they are needed.  In the teachers manual it will have your child reading these stories.  If you do not have them it says to skip that part, but I think the extra reading materials are beneficial.

The Aesop's Fables was a favorite of all my children.  They enjoyed hearing either their sister or me reading the stories to them.  The cost for the set of eleven fables in one book is $2.50.  This book of fables has been adapted to only contain sounds/letters that your student should be able to read at that level.  They are the same great stories, but at your child's level.

I am very pleased with what ABeCeDarian has been able to do for us reading wise and am looking forward to seeing what others have to say about it as well.

Since we didn't use the two lower levels this time(I probably will use them this fall with my now kindergarteners) I really am not going to discuss them.  If you want to learn more about those levels and what they were like or what reviewers thought of them please make sure to visit the main Crew blog post.  Lots of great reviews are available for you there.

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  1. I also started to love reading early. It's really important to give the kids books they can enjoy, so they can feel passionate about reading and learning. And the support of the teaching books are a great tool.

  2. This sounds like a very good program. You did a good job describing it, and making suggestions about what to purchase and why.

  3. This sounds like something I can use with my grandbaby!

  4. My step-daughter would love these for her son. Even though he is not yet in kindergarten he is itchinig to start reading!

  5. I cannot remember a time when I did not read, my mother says I started really early and I've never stopped. This sounds like a good program and not very expensive either

  6. Thats wonderful that your daughter is feeling more confident in her reading! :)

  7. These are great books! My kids bring those stories home every weekend to practice with. They are a great addition to phonic and reading programs. Now I know where to get them!