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A Journey Through Learning -Review

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I received an e-version(download) from  A Journey Through Learning to review.  In the download were three lapbooks and a unit study.  We received lapbooks about Earth, Knights and Castles, Letters numbers and shapes, as well as a unit study on astronomy and space!

When I told the kids what we were going to be doing they were so excited!  They did have a bit of an attitude when I told them they were only going to do one of them to start out with.  My silly children seemed to think that they should be able to do all 4 of these at once!  I of course did not think that this was a good idea considering they wouldn't be learning as much doing it that way.

We decided to try out the Earth lapbook first as my kids have asked lots of questions lately and we just finished up a nature study.  The Earth lapbook is geared towards grades 1-4.  I have two in first grade, two in kindergarten, and two in preschool as well as two toddlers so I wasn't sure that all of them were going to understand, but we did well.

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The instant download of The Earth lapbook is $13.00.  If you were looking for it in print it is $21.00.  This lapbook requires two manila file folders to complete.  The download/print is 42 pages long.  I at first thought that this was a short amount of pages for all that it said it was going to cover.  In the description you see that it says you'll learn about the layers of the Earth, how the Earth moves, different types of rock, volcanoes, landforms, mountains, the seasons, the atmosphere, and more!  That is a lot of information!  But it was well covered in the pages of the download.

My kids were thrilled with the concept of lapbooking.  We had never tried it before.  I had only just recently heard about lapbooks and wasn't sure it was something that we would enjoy doing or something that I would want to do with all of my kiddos(I thought it would be a lot more work than it was).  I did have to do more work on some of the younger ones lapbooks as they are not quite as good with scissors and glue as they should be(they're not even at 1st grade level and this is a 1-4 grade level).

We started out slowing and only worked on our lapbooks three out of our five school days the first week.  My kids were not happy with this and wanted to work on them daily so we started doing that.  As I mentioned before, my oldest boy and girl(in first grade and some second grade) did really well and really seemed to understand and comprehend what they were learning.  A lot of it was over the heads of my kindergarten and preschoolers, but they still got the concept of getting to cut and glue which is really fun when you're a kid!

We have totally finished our Earth lapbooks.  It took us a little over a month to get done with this lapbook.  My kids were so excited and told their homeschool friends at our meeting about all the fun they were having. I was surprised at the number of moms who were already utilizing lapbooks.  I also love the fact that A Journey Through Learning offers so many different lapbooks.  You can get lapbooks for Veggie Tales and lapbooks to correlate with well known curriculums.  My kids are already assuring me that we are going to do the remaining two lapbooks over the summer(even the preschool one) and probably the unit study too.  They're not quite so sure they'll like that one.  They are also already asking to see what other lapbooks we can do!  I think I might have to invest in some other subjects to use  for this summer while I recuperate from having a baby and still try to get school done.

To learn more about the other two lapbooks and unit study please visit the Main Crew Blog Post.  I have an ulterior motive in referring you there as I am the one that got the privilege of writing it up this time!  Yeap tooting my horn a bit.  Also you should check out the other reviews by crew members.  We each got to choose which lapbook or unit study to review so I'm sure you'll see a good variety!

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  1. How fun! :) Its great when kids enjoy what/how they are learning

  2. These sound awesome! My 2 year-old grandson is so eager to learn and is such a sponge - I am sure they would work for him!

  3. This is our first year to try lapbooks and we are loving them! I hope to buy some lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning! They have so many!

  4. My kids love books and these books look like fun and educational. I will keep them in mind for birthday gifts.