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Knowledge Quest Sacagawea Review #hsreview TOS Crew

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In our house reading and knowledge go together.  I would rather my children not read the book if it's not going to teach them something!  This is why I was excited for our family to be able to review Sacagawea ebook by Knowledge Quest.  Yes even the name of the company seems to go along with our philosophy of knowledge!  The best part of this ebook  that we were about to read was the fact that it contained links to help us learn!

A bit more about Knowledge Quest includes that it is the labor of love of a homeschooling family with 6 children who in 2001 began their business.  They were tired of not being able to find what they needed for teaching their children.  There were good products out there but nothing that covered all that they wanted it to.  At first they just made black and white maps for children to color and label as they were studying history(these sound great to me!).  They have now expanded into numerous books as well as apps for electronic devices and now even a class to teach parents how to homeschool!  I for one am glad that this busy family had the time to undertake this adventure.

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Now onto our thoughts on reading the ebook about Sacagawea.  We don't have electronic devices that can "read" things in our house.  We're not that high tech yet I guess.  But we do have computers and this ebook could easily be read in PDF version off our computer.  This book(or series of books) is part of a greater set available through Knowledge Quest called Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know.

This book consists of four parts or sagas or even call them small books if you want to.  Whatever you call them, they're all worth reading.  We of course read them in order because that's just the way we are!

Sacagawea is directed to children ages 10 and up.  The complete ebook(all four sagas) is now available on Amazon for $3.99 according to their Knowledge Quest website!  This is quite the deal.  It includes all four sagas titled in order from first to last:  Stolen, Passage, Survival, and Equal.  This is a great read aloud book for the family at only 112 pages or it would also make a great book for your child to read and report on when they were in the 4th grade or older area.  My oldest is only 8 but loved to have the book read to her!  We all of course crowded close to the computer to click on the links and see where they would take us to learn more about our history.

We started off by talking a bit about Lewis and Clark and their journey before we read this book.  We happen to live in Northwest MO and part of their trail is within minutes of us.  We drove along the trail as we talked about the journey they took.  I introduced them to the fact that there was a woman who helped to guide them and then we went home to read the book!  We read the first part, Stolen! and then took off a few hours to talk about it and draw some pictures to show what she went though.  Next came part 2, then 3, then 4, well we finished the entire book in two days!

It kept my kids attention really well which is a great thing for a book to do with 8 kids ages 2-8.  They were intrigued with her story and kept wanting to know what would happen next!  I love when my children are excited about school and really want to know what we are learning.  The great part is that this book helped them to learn and also to retain it!  We were talking about Lewis and Clark the other day and they were telling me all they remembered about Sacagawea.  They remembered all the key points which made me a proud mama and glad that we had been able to use this ebook.

A group of reviewers from our Crew Review Team were able to review both Sacagawea and the Timeline Builder App so make sure to hop on over to the Main Crew Blog Post to read these other reviews and find out what they thought about this book and the other App.

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  1. I think this would be an interesting read :)

  2. This would be a great book for kids in our area. We live in an area named after Lewis and Clark, right on the Clark river

  3. Thanks....sharing I know Isa & Davey will like this book!

  4. Will have to remember this book! Never to young to start learning things like this!