Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Egg Casserole #goodcookkitchenexprt Recipe #100

I love to use everything.  You can see that by seeing my post on how to use those turkey bones to make a turkey stock broth.  That also goes for leftovers, so when Good Cook challenged us to show them an original recipe using some of our Thanksgiving leftovers and Good Cook products I was all for it!

This recipe will show you how to use some of your leftovers plus some Hanukkah leftovers and made a great filling dish for breakfast the next morning!

I have a large family and am totally in love with my new pan from them.  It's called a nonstick roast pan but can be used for anything at 15-1/2 by 11-1/2 inches.  It's perfect for my casseroles.  Only problem is I see myself needing another of them in a few years when the kids all get bigger!

Okay now to the recipe.

I made my turkey broth.

Then I made my Thanksgiving Soup.

Now I make my Thanksgiving Egg Casserole.  Here's how I do it!

36 eggs, cracked and scrambled together
3 of the frozen muffin cups of the Thanksgiving Soup  -thawed
4 cups chopped turkey(ends and pieces work great!)
4 large russet potatoes shredded(I used the leftovers from latkes for Hanukkah)
1 package Daiya cheddar cheese(8 ounces)

Scramble all the eggs together in a bowl.

Add in the soup cups(these need to be thawed).

Pour in the pan.

Sprinkle the shredded potatoes on top.

Now top with the Daiya cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until done in the center. 

Serve warm.

All that is left!

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