Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beanfields Snacks Review

I must start this review by saying YUM!  Yes that is all.  That sums up these chips.  They are gluten free and made using bean flours.  They are also very tasty!

I was sent a halfcase of different flavors of chips including: 

Pico De Gallo Bean and Rice Chips- these were my favorite.  My husband and kids didn't really like them, but I ate the whole bag by myself.  I did however refrain from eating the whole bag in one sitting.  It was difficult though.

Nacho bag

Nacho-  This was my kiddos favorite.  They had missed the Doritos Nacho Cheese chip after going gluten free and all raved over this one.  The whole bag was gone after one meal with my 8 littles.  Daddy only got one or two of them!

Naturally Unsalted-  I enjoyed these with hummus.  Very good dipping chip.  Being unsalted really helps when you're eating something that already has enough salt and spice in itself.

Salt and Pepper-  I myself love salt and pepper chips.  I like to eat them with a salad to give it a bit of variety.  When the kids tried these they gave me a wierd look and didn't take more than one bite.  I think it's safe to say that their palate did not like them.  I give them rave reviews though!

Sea Salt- these are like your traditional plain Dorito or Tostito.  Just a "corn" chip but without the corn.   I enjoyed mine with a cheese and bean dip.  The kids liked them that way as well.

A bit about Beanfields(from their website)  At Beanfields your snacking enjoyment comes first–that's the whole point of snacking! So we make sure our chips are delicious. They're made with black and navy beans and rice, and cooked in high-quality safflower or sunflower seed oil, giving them a great taste and distinctive crunch. In fact they're so good, they're crispylicious!

4 Grams of Complete Protein and Fiber
Beanfields chips give you important nutrition your body needs. A one-ounce serving has 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber—twice as much as most other tortilla chips, corn chips, or potato chips. Beanfields are tasty snacks you can feel good about giving your family!
All of our Crispylicious Corn Free Bean & Rice Tortilla Chips are verified to be free of any genetically-modified organisms (non-GMO) and have received the prestigious Non-GMO Verification awarded by the Non-GMO Project!

I love that they are gluten free and non GMO.  We really try not to buy GMO products here in our house as we don't approve of them.

You can visit Beanfields on facebook, twitter, and their website

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Disclosure:  I was provided with this product for a review.  I was not compensated other than in the product.  This being said, all opinions stated in this review are solely my own and not influenced in any way. Pin It Now!


  1. Yummy, the pico de gallo look amazing!

  2. These sounds delicious. I would like to try the Nacho flavored ones.

  3. I would really like to try the pico degallo

  4. They all sound really good! Especially the Pico De Gallo,because I love eating that! I hope to win the giveaway!:)

  5. These sound delicious! Would love to try Thanks!

  6. These sound fantastic! I'm diabetic and I have to be careful what I snack on, it seems like these would be perfect!

  7. I have a friend that is trying glueten free...will share these with her...