Sunday, March 10, 2013

Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts Review

I have to tell you about this company, Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts.  This company makes custom jean skirts.  Not only do they make your regular custom jean skirts, but they also make custom maternity skirts.  After seeing them, I had to get one of my own.

The skirt I got is a maternity long denim skirt "of the rose" with ruffle.  I gave measurements for the skirt and was allowed to have a say in what I wanted.  This is by far one of the nicest and most comfortable maternity skirts I own.  I get compliments on it everywhere I go.

You can find out more about Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts on their etsy site and their facebook page.  Who is the mind behind this you might ask?  Well, one single woman who is a mother of 2(also a homeschool mom) makes all these wonderful creations by herself!  She wanted to make skirts that fit, were beautiful, and also modest.   I think she has done a wonderful job!  You can send your own jeans in to have them used to make a modest skirt of your choosing or you can choose from her in stock collection of jeans.  I had her use her own jeans for my skirt as I really didn't have any maternity jeans to spare(only one pair I like).

If you want a long skirt(such as mine) it takes 2 pair of jeans.  If you are wanting a knee length skirt it only takes one pair of jeans.  Make sure the jeans are in your size for the first pair though as that is the waistband that will be used.  I personally don't like short skirts.  More than just I don't think they're that modest for a mom of multiple little children and much rather have the longer jean skirts for myself.  I also don't like showing off my legs.  I have what most refer to as runner's legs which involves thick muscular calves and thighs.  I even commented to my husband today that I hate socks because they don't make them to go over muscle filled calves!

I love how the hem of my skirt has a slightly ruffled uneven look.  The rose is gorgeous and much larger than I had thought it would be when I ordered it.  I love how large it is and what a wonderful eye catcher it is.  This is truly a gorgeous one of a kind skirt.  I will probably have to get one like it in non maternity once this little bundle comes and I have a clue about what size I'll be!  Yes, I am that in love with this skirt!

You are definitely paying for a custom quality skirt when you buy from Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts.  My daughter is already telling me what she wants is the Classic Retro Hippie Skirt as it has colors on it.  It doesn't hurt that her favorite colors are orange and purple and the one they show has orange.  I have to agree with her that the skirt is gorgeous!  All of the skirts on the website are.  If you see something you like in a "short" version you can also get it in the long version.  This is the wonderful flexibility you have with the "custom" ordering!

Ruffle Rose maternity skirt
Love the bottom ruffle and rose.

I love the detail that has gone into this skirt.  It shows the wonderful care that has gone into this skirt.  I love the paneling of the skirt and the ruffled hem look.  The rose is totally gorgeous and looks like it took hours to make.  In the middle of the left side of the skirt you can see the initials DCJS for Delarosa Custom Jean Skirts.  

Like what you're seeing in this skirt?  One person will be the lucky winner of my Mama Madness Giveaway Hop which includes a basic denim skirt up to 26 inches in length.  They have up to XL in this skirt in stock.  If you wear a size larger she is offering to have you send your own pair of jeans and she will make them into a skirt for you.  This is a great offer!  These skirts are wonderful and I can guarantee the winner will love their new skirt!

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  1. Wow! Love that skirt. Really unique looking.

  2. Cute skirt! I agree with you on the mini-skirt thing - I'm OK with JUST above-the-knee, but anything shorter is inappropriate, at least for me.

  3. That is so cute! Thank you for sharing this company with us!

  4. these are cute! It's been forever since I owned a jean skirt

  5. Those are cute!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. That is a really cute skirt! I have been wanting a jean skirt but have yet to find one I liked.

  7. I LOVE these! Since I only wear skirts, I'm always looking for cute new ones.

  8. Wow that skirt is amazing! I love the flower :)

  9. Cute and great post. You don't see many people wearing jean skirts anymore like you use to.

  10. my daughter loves jean skirts...i call her Punky