Thursday, February 28, 2013

LillaRose Headband Review

I love LillaRose Flexi Clips and wanted to try out one of their hair bands.  I got just the chance to do that and wanted to share with you all!

LillaRose hair band
My cute little package!

Sarah is an awesome LillaRose consultant and allowed me to pick out my own hair band.  I chose the Roses Hair band.  The roses band features antique looking roses as well as clear crystal beads.  Not only does it have the pretty part, but it also has a functional side in the adjustable fabric band on the back.  This band allows you to choose how tight or loose the hair band is on you.

hair band, exercise hair band, keep the hair out of your face
More of an up close of the hair band.

The adjustable band has to be my favorite feature on a hair band ever!  I love that I can keep the hair band from getting too tight.  I have not worn hair bands much in my life for the main reason that they always end up giving me a headache because they get too tight.  With this hair band if it starts to get too tight I can just loosen the adjustable band and keep going with my day.  No need to worry and keep an extra pretty for my hair if I go out somewhere!

antique rose hair band
Not the best picture, but it does show off the hair band well!
Please excuse the pictures.  I'm working with a very small not so great camera while trying to repair my really good one thanks to my kiddos dropping it.  But you can even see in this picture that the band is not too tight.  Notice the black adjustment part of the band in the top photo.  This is by far the best feature they could have come up with!

I have great plans for this hair band.  I am expecting as most of my regular readers know and due in May.  This hair band is going into labor with me to help keep my hair out of my face.  I hate having my hair up when I'm in labor because then it's not comfortable to lay down.  This way it can still be out of my face and I will be comfortable!

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Disclaimer:  I was provided with this product for free in exchange for a review.  I was not coerced or forced to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are mine alone and not influenced in anyway.  I am disclosing this to be in accordance with FTC regulations.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review except for the product described. 

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  1. I did not know Lilla Rose made head bands...too cute. I love my flexi!

  2. This is very beautiful. It's a great compliment to a hairstyle.

  3. I really love the many styles and sizes of Flexis they carry and the headbands are beautiful as well!

  4. Very pretty! I like the adjustable feature-very handy.

  5. I don't wear headbands for the same reason. It's nice that you can adjust it to be looser. I usually get frustrated and pull them off.

  6. That is really cute! I love that it is adjustable because Im kind of tender headed and get headaches easily from things like that.

  7. This is really cute! I can totally see my 14 year old looking adorable in one of these! Sometime I'm going to have to do a nice, fat Lillarose order!

  8. I like it. Matches so many of the bracelets so many people have.

  9. How beautiful! And I think that's a great idea for keeping your hair out of your face during labor!