Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Popcorn Balls Recipe #goodcookkitchenexprt

When I received my latest challenge from Good Cook I knew exactly what type of popcorn balls I'd have to make in October.  Pumpkin!!  I had dubbed October Pumpkin Month so it only made sense.  I received the round Popcorn Baller to try out in my recipe.

These are really easy to make and get the kids taste good seal of approval!

Here you go:
4 batches popcorn(you can use microwave, but I always cook mine on the stovetop in a whirly type popper)
1 Tb coconut oil for cooking popcorn per batch

Cook the popcorn and set them aside in a bowl to cool while you make the coating.

For the coating you need:
1 can coconut cream(15 oz)
1 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 cup pumpkin topping(the oatmeal crumble I've made before)
1 cup dark chocolate chips

Heat this on low until most of the chips are melted and it is all mixed together.  I left a few with bits of unmelted because I love getting a bite of chocolate.

Now comes the fun part!

Pour the coating over the popcorn and stir around until it's all covered.

Place a good amount of the popcorn into the popcorn baller.  Press down to seal into a ball and release onto a cookie sheet.  Do this with the remaining popcorn.  Due to the nature of the coconut cream, I refrigerate these until about 15 minutes before you're ready to eat them.

Now enjoy!  My kids loved these and guess what?  They are actually healthy for you too!  The only non healthy part would be the chocolate but since we used dark chocolate I consider it healthy too!

We loved this!  The kids thought it was super fun and one even licked our spatula because it was more than finger lickin good!  Oh yes.  Yum!

Want to try it yourself?  Use code POPCORN for 25% off your order!  That's a great deal and you can get more than just the popcorn baller I received too!  They have a football, a square, etc.

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  1. yummy two of my favorite things pumpkins and popcorn Love this have to try it soon

  2. I love making Popcorn balls..I will be giving this recipe a try. Pinned!

  3. This is a new way to make them and they sound yummy.

  4. Looks like they are delicious :) love the little man licking the spoon!

  5. Those look amazing, and delicious. You might have to mail me some! Haha!

  6. I've never had pumpkin popcorn balls. They sound really good!

  7. I bet these are yummy. My kids would be liking the spoon.