Sunday, October 21, 2012

Treasure Hunt #4

Our fourth treasure hunt led us to the chicken house.  Daddy was silly and wanted to know if chickens ate chocolate!  My children of course said no, though I think the chickens might if given a chance!

on the run



for mommy

for the monkeys--wait can monkeys have chocolate?!

showing off the treasure

she's serious about her chocolate

he was not impressed with the piece that fell on the ground

good stuff- for the record she poured them all into her hand and then ate them by color.

he looks a little tired

her hair never stays in the pretties long
what do you mean mine are all gone?
I want some more please!!
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  1. Now that’s a moment of timeless value. :) It’s nice seeing you guys did the treasure hunting as a family, and not just the kids. Finding the treasure is more rewarding that way, even if chocolates are no gold bars. This was a great idea by your husband to incorporate some Civil War-related stuff into family activities. ;)

  2. Sweet little ones. And this is an awesome idea. We have 4 little ones so it would be a total blasr