Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cookin Out with the Cousins

I think I've mentioned this before, but my grandmother(father's mother) was a WWII war bride from England.  I love to hear her tell of her growing up years and what it was like in England.  I also love when her family comes to visit!  She had one older sister and two younger brothers.  Her older sister was the only other one in her family that married and had children.  She had a son who married and had three daughters.  Growing up I loved when my cousins would come over as the girls and I loved to play and it was always so much fun!

Now my children get to enjoy the fun of having British cousins.  Today we had a cookout with my cousin Rob and his wife Sheila as well as two of my brothers and my parents.  It was tons of fun and included cooking sausages on a fire as well as sword fighting with the family!

You'll see what I mean by viewing a few shots of our fun day below!!

Monkey Patrick up a tree

my crew eating lunch

let the "sword" fights begin, watch out Uncle Ian

I think Colin wins!

Look at Uncle Ian run!!!!

Cousin Rob having a go with Patrick

the girls lost interest and were looking at pictures with cousin Sheila
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